Monday, May 18, 2009

Retro Craft Duster Bag

This cool little duster bag is straight from the 60's. The basic shape is made by cutting round a coat hanger and squaring off the sleeves

Cut out the basic shape according to your eye, you will know the best shape.

I have added a little sketch to help with the instructions. This creation is a little like baking a cake, the input you do with your decorating will make this piece yours. This is a very basic "dress", but using the basic shape you can really go to town, with box pleats, retro fabric, old buttons, psychedelic fabric, different revere shapes, its totally up to your imagination.

Instructions for making the design

First get your hanger and make sure the paper has at least 1cm or 5/8" seam allowance.

The neckline should be slightly bowed and approximately 17cm across or 6"

The reveres should be approx 12cm or 5" down from the neckline
Total length from the side neck approximately 44 -45 cm or 17 -18"
Curve for the sleeve 10cm or 4"

Once you are happy with the external shape, fold the paper in half and use this to cut two base fabric pieces on the fold.

Leave the back intact and make a 12cm or 5" cut in the front piece. Don't worry about lowering the front neckline as the reveres take care of this. However if you don't want reveres and would like to make a circular neckline you will have to take into account the width needed to get your hand into the bag.


Finish the back neckline in bias or any other finish you like to use. I used self bias on the back neckline of this sample.

Now for the fun part, to make the reveres cut a piece of contrast fabric about 19cm square and sew it to the front, cut and turn, and you now have the neckline.

I finished the revere facing with my overlocker. Its up to you and the fabric you use how you finish the internals.

To make the rest of the dress take the front and attach the contrast fabric. You can arrange the finishing touches anyway you like, your eye should give you the proportions. If you are gathering the skirt, make sure you allow plenty of fabric, at least 3 times the width.
Add a belt, or waist to hide and finish the gathers.
I added some cuffs to the sleeves by attaching them to the right side and pressing them over towards the seam.

To complete attach the front to the back making sure you don't catch skirt in the bottom. Finish the inside by overlocking or zig zag.

The fabrics used were calico (muslim for the US) and blue and white stripe cotton. You shouldn't need any more than half a meter (yard) of each fabric. Use scraps from your stash.

Have fun and let me know if you make one.